Frequently Asked Questions  

What is there to do at the center?

Visit our Activities and Events page and for the latest happenings in the Center.

Visit the  Center Amenities page to see what our facilities offer.

Join the Center's email list and receive upcoming activities information.  

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How do I get an ID card?

Stop by the center and complete an ID pass application.
Everyone must have a current valid Rec Center ID (or valid guest pass) to utilize the Rec facilities (pool, gym, etc) and to participate in any sponsored activities.

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Can I rent the center?

Yes! For more information please review the "Center Rental" page. 

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Can I hold meetings at the center?

Yes! For more information please review the Rental Agreement documented located on the Center Rental page.

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Can I volunteer?

Yes! Please! Send us an email or stop by the center for more information.

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Can I suggest a new activity?

Yes!!! Call or send us an email with your idea.

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Where is my money going?

Maintenance and upkeep of the Rec Center building, all community walking/bike trails, playgrounds, pool, community entry monuments, etc. A detailed annual budget is mailed every Fall to all Homeowners and a copy if the current budget can be found on the Association Dues page.

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Can my kids go to the center by themselves?

Children over the age of seven may attend center sponsored events by themselves (see the  “Activities and Events” page), but parents must sign them in and out (unless a permission slip is on file in the office).  Children over the age of 16 have free access to all center amenities (excluding the gym, which is reserved for those ages 18+).  A valid center ID is need for access to the facility amenities and activites.

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Can I advertise at the center?

Yes! You must be a Covington Community resident (homeowner/tenant).
You can advertise on the website and in our email newsletter.
Let’s discuss, send us an email or come on in.

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How do I contact the Recreation Association Board?

Go to the Contact Us page 

You are also invited to attend the Rec Association Board meetings (held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 8:00pm).  Also, see the About Us page for more information.

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Can I rent the pool?

The Association does not allow rental of the pool.

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You didn’t answer my question…

Contact us, we would be happy to help!  Email us at:
or call us: