Pool Facts


Residents may purchase additional daily guest pool passes for $5 each from the Center.  The maximum number per home is 20 guest passes per day. 

Hours of Operation for 2017-  May 27 – September 4: 12 noon-8pm Wednesday through Sunday

Closed Monday and Tuesday;  

Open 12 noon-8pm on Holidays, and 4-8pm while school is in session

1. All patrons are to enter through the side pool gate.
2. Valid Community Center ID cards are required to enter the swimming pool area, unless with a registered resident, then a guest pass is required. IDs will be retained by the lifeguards until the patron leaves the pool area. 
3. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult or someone 16 years or older.
4. Adult swim is usually the last 15 minutes of each hour. 
5. No tubes or rafts allowed in the pool. (Noodles are allowed)
6. No glass containers allowed in the pool area. 
7. No running, diving, or horseplay in or around the pool area. 
8. No water guns or water balloons.
9. No smoking or drinking in the pool area or on the grounds. 
10. No Profanity or Sexual activity.
11. Appropriate Swimwear is required, no jean cut-offs, no thongs.
12. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their children and guests. 
13.  Rec Center ID cards can be obtained at the Rec Center office. Proof of identity and Covington Community residency are required. 

*Please note that the Association does not allow rental of the pool or the surrounding deck area